Since self-drilling hollow anchor bar construction is strong technical work, each working
procedure must be meticulous operation,otherwise it will effect the whole piece of anchor
rod construction quality because of a process of negligence .Therefore, the operator must be
higher technical quality, a clear division of responsibilities.
The self drilling hollow anchor bar combines drill bolt and hollow rod together and it is
widely used in various engineering conditions including weak rock,loose soil,decayed rocks
and unconsolidable earth mass and so on.
In the project, retaining walls of self drilling anchor bar is 18m high, divided into three
levels and shown steps type, and its platform width is 2m. Before construction, it could
choose proper self drilling anchor according to bearing capacity demanded. The bore diameter
of drill bit can be decided on the basis of its size or the experimental result. The pore
diameter is different in different formations, and generally the pore diameter equals to 1.5
to 2.5 times the diameter of the drill bit.
Hollow anchor bars are successfully used for anchoring in weak soil, coherent and non-
coherent soils, and in case of unstable drilling.
Dependent on the construction system used, geology of the surrounding rock and hydrological
conditions underground, we offer a variety of hollow anchor bars to meet specific project
Sinorock has established a series of strict quality control system which has been adopted in
the whole manufacturing process.Each accessory of hollow threaded bar system will be
detected strictly in our factory laborary to warrant all of the hollow threaded bars
delivered to clients are qualified and safe.