With rapid development of economy, the underground engineering construction has made
remarkable achievements. However, in the settlement of the mountain collapse, landslides and
other issues, self drilling anchor bar has been more and more popular with each engineer. It
combines drilling, grouting and anchoring in one progress and this technical characteristics
is significant for anchoring under the complex geological conditions.
Self drilling anchor bolts are used to provide preloading of structural systems by applying
a lock-in tension load in the anchor tendon, which is then bonded to competent rock or soil
using rock or cement-based grout. The pre-applied load in the tendon helps to limit
structure movement.
One of the early civil engineering applications of Sinorock prestressing technology was for
anchoring structures into the ground and for stabilizing slopes using ground anchors. Since
then, Sinorock self drilling ground anchors has evolved significantly and our latest
milestone – the ground anchor – has benefitted a wide range of customers. Soil nails,
rock bolts and micropiles complete the range.