Specific project with Sinorock hollow bars

posted on 28 Oct 2016 13:57 by hollowbar

Dependent on the construction system used, geology of the surrounding rock and hydrological
conditions underground,Sinorock offer a variety of hollow anchor bars to meet specific
project requirements.

Clients of Sinorock all over the world are more affectionate toward this kind of‘delicacy',
which can be found around almost every street corner than they are their brand. Because it
has been widely used in mining,tunneling,slope stabilization and foundation support projects
and other industry.
With the use of Sinorock hollow bar, production rate is much improved, compared with solid
bar anchors. Hole casing system can be avoided, especially in low headroom. We are also the
largest production base of Self drilling anchor system in China and have passed the ISO9001
quality management system certification.Our self drilling anchor systems are designed to
make mining safer. Thanks to our local presence around the globe, we can satisfy your needs
for ground control quickly and efficiently - no matter where you are. This self drilling
anchor system has been an enormous success and has now found application in coal mining
development through difficult ground.

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