Self drilling anchor bar used to stabilize unstable rock formations

posted on 01 Nov 2016 16:23 by hollowbar directory Idea

Most metros are built in the underground and the tunnels construction will be inevitable.
Hollow Bar Anchor is a new supporting method in infrastructure construction. It provides
anti-corrosion effect, controls deformation and enhances supporting effect with high
tenacity and big tension.

Secure construction of railway engineering is the guarantee for people’s life and safety.
During the construction of metro tunnels, railway tunnels, high-speed railway tunnels,
Hollow Bar Anchors have higher bonding stress with structures and then provides reliable
reinforcement effect. Therefore, the economic and social benefits are obvious.
The application areas of self drilling anchor bar:It is used to stabilize unstable rock formations. The unconsolidated or weathered ground conditions favor the self drilling anchor bar technique for fast and simple method of installation compared to the traditional methods.It is a bolting solution for difficult ground and rock conditions.
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