The Sinorock hollow rock bolt system is today’s solution for a fast and efficient anchoring
system into virtually any type of soil.
Sinorock hollow rock bolts are ideal for micropiles, soil nails, and tie down and tie back
anchors in difficult ground conditions like weathered and
decomposed rock, round gravel, sand and clay soils for either permanent or temporary use.
Sinorock hollow rock bolt can be used as a choice for pre-tensioned anchors in loose or
collapsing soils without the need for a casing. A free
length must be installed onto the anchor if the project specifications call for a pretension
load to be applied from the bond length. Please
consult with a Sinorock specialist seller for your purchasing requisition.
Sinorock’s uncompromising commitment to quality, integrity and reliability has earned it an
enviable reputation as China’s leading of hollow bar supplier .
All Sinorock hollow bars are manufactured through modern machinery that meet with the
current industry standards. These machinery, equipment, tools, etc, are known for their high
performance and brilliant output. Our company believes that it is the kind of quality that
defines a business and therefore, we strive hard to achieve the best quality products. We
even procure all our raw materials from certified vendors, ensuring the base of very product
as strong and durable. The continuous flow of high quality products has earned us a good
reputation in the industry and has enabled us expand our export market as well.
We are a proud, privated-owned company with over 5 years of trading history in this country.
We have a national network of 48 branches and distribution centres and are listed among the
top 50 companies on the Stock Exchange by market capitalisation. With a comprehensive range
of high-quality products and services, Sinorock engages all sectors of the economy, across
infrastructure, commercial and residential construction, engineering, energy, manufacturing,
and the rural sector—we cater for all anchoring requirements.