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Self Drilling hollow Bar has long been the preferred supplier for the most advanced
Self drilling hollow bar is a kind of multi-functional anchor bar. It can unify operations
of drilling, grouting, and anchoring and has more anchoring effect in complex soil
stratums.Sinorock Self drilling hollow bar is a very versatile tool that provides maximum
flexibility and a fast installation, thanks to a triple action:

Drilling drive.

Injection channel.

Resistant bolt.

These devices are used for the realization of bolts, anchors and micropiles, both in the
ground and in the rock.

The self drilling hollow bars are manufactured by plastic deformation, generating the
continuous thread ISO 2008 on the external surface of a pipe. The profile obtained plays a
multiple action:

Serves as a connection piece, allowing the coupling between more bars, by means of sleeves.

Allows the installation of the more suitable drilling bit for each ground conditions.
Sinorock Self drilling hollow anchor bars has long been the prferred supplier for the most advanced
applications. Our unique approach to supply perectly matched connectors and related
accessories has made Sinorock Self drilling hollow bars the preferred partner in the world
of advanced engineering.
It is used for the direct attack on the drilling machine.

Allows to cut the bar to the desired length, always keeping a threaded end.

The wavy shape increases the adhesion between the steel and the concrete or the resin