A range of hollow bars from Sinorock for construction need

posted on 22 Jan 2017 15:05 by hollowbar

Sinorock now manufactures and supplies a complete range of hollow bar products and technical services to the related industries,such as the civil and tunnelling industries.Sinorock’s manufacturing and supply capability includes:self drilling hollow bar,Duplex coating hollow bar
system,Stainless self drilling hollow bar system,ect.These products are available in different range. Widely used in soil erosion, slope engineering, mining,
construction, tunnel, large cave supporting and restoration of engineering structure.
The necessity for self drilling hollow bars is increasing in today’s world. They are used in everything that you can imagine.The amount of self drilling hollow bars that is in use each day is a gigantic number and the thought of one company manufacturing all of these self drilling ground anchors is an impossibility. Not only do multiple self drilling hollow bar manufacturers take on the responsibility of supplying many different contractors and construction workers with self drilling hollow anchor bars every day but they also do custom fabrication as well.

All Sinorock self drilling hollow bar systems are equipped with state-of-the-art Taralog computers which provide readings of drilling and concreting parameters.Sinorock self drilling hollow anchor bar systems are built and designed in compliance with the standard ISO, and as a result, we offer superior in-house expertise in self drilling hollow anchor bar testing (both static and dynamic). This is carried out in the earliest possible stages of the project to enable the client and Sinorock designers to adjust and refine self drilling hollow anchor bar construction pro-actively, rather than re-actively, later in the project.

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