Hollow Bar Micropiles have emerged since the early to mid 1990’s as an economical system for installation primarily in soils. This type of micropile is easily installed in low headroom or restricted access applications and exhibits high unit load capacities coupled with superior stiffness performance compared to conventional drilled and grouted ground anchors without the need for temporary or permanent casing.

In order to solve the problems of steep— inclined limestone,poor self support capability of weak and soft shale and difficulties in the control of the rock mass deformation in the construction of the underground powerplant of Pengshui hydropower station,the new technology of expansion and prestressed type hollow grouting bolt with steel wedge is adopted to reinforce the shallow— covered rock mass.The anchor piers with steel plates,which are used to replace the original concrete anchor pier s,can simplify the construction technology,ensure the construction quality and enhance the construction speed.Thus,the wall rocks are deeply and immediately anchored and the deformation risks of the wall rocks are minimized.The comprehensive application of the new anchoring technology ensures the shallow and/or deep anchoring quality in soft and weak shale.In addition,the new technology results in significant economic and social benefits and can be popularized.

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