Sinorock hollow bar pile are highly cost effective

posted on 19 Jan 2017 15:33 by hollowbar

Sinorock - We procure our quality hollow-bar pile products directly from reputed
manufacturers. Our methods are highly cost effective and they guarantee product quality and
affordable rates. Our highly dedicated and experienced professionals deliver quality
products which are utilized in various applications in geotechnical anchorage
industries.Under the guidance and leadership of our leader. our company has acquired notable
position as one of the top-notch hollow-bar pile exporters from China.
As an efficient placing approach,self-drilling hollow bar palys a significant role in supporting rock mass to prevent deformation and excavation,buildings,roadway,bridges,large equipment are all established on the rock, so the stabilization of rock layer will be extremely important.
Besides,as an practical and reliable placing solution,Sinorock has been extensively applied in the mining,tunneling,foundation support,hydroelectric project and roadway support project and so on,with so many years of exploration and development,the techniques of the installation of self drilling hollow bar has became skillful and been trusted by our customers around the world.


Hollow bar anchor can be used as drill rod and grouting rod at the same time. During
hydropower station, it can be used to support slope and diversion tunnel, which has
functions of stabilization, reinforcement and deformation prevention.
Hollow bar anchor is widely used in foundation pit support engineering recent years. It can
combine drilling, grouting and anchoring together, time-saving and high-efficient. In
addition, during the construction, there is no shake, no noise and no deformation
phenomenon, it has little influence for surrounding environment. After its installation, the
intensity of wall is strong, stiffness is big and supporting stability is good.
Generally speaking, hollow bar anchor is suitable for all the strata that retaining wall and
soil nail wall and also the prestressed cable bolt can apply to .

For the anchoring technology which has drilling operation requirements, drilling is usually
the most critical process and directly affect the bearing capacity of the hollow bar.
Drilling in the loose stratum or the stratum with groundwater, there is severe hole collapse
phenomenon so that it’s necessary to add the casing to match. The use of casing can improve
drilling progress, but have adverse effect on the bond between the mortar and the hole wall
and meanwhile increase the difficulty and cost of construction.

While hollow bar anchor applies very well for pebbles and boulders stratum. The disturbance
part of surrounding rocks can be effectively reinforced through grouting and then the
anchorage area will be enlarged. If water leakage appears during the drilling process, the
method of blowing cement powder with a high-pressure wind to the hole can form a temporary
wall around the drill hole so as to reduce the hole collapse phenomenon.


Complete your construction project with the best Self Drilling hollow Bars from a company
you can rely on to deliver quality parts. When you
are looking for the best, consider Sinorock to seamlessly handle all of your needs.Sinorock
Self Drilling hollow Bar has long been the preferred supplier for the most advanced
Self drilling hollow bar is a kind of multi-functional anchor bar. It can unify operations
of drilling, grouting, and anchoring and has more anchoring effect in complex soil
stratums.Sinorock Self drilling hollow bar is a very versatile tool that provides maximum
flexibility and a fast installation, thanks to a triple action:

Drilling drive.

Injection channel.

Resistant bolt.

These devices are used for the realization of bolts, anchors and micropiles, both in the
ground and in the rock.

The self drilling hollow bars are manufactured by plastic deformation, generating the
continuous thread ISO 2008 on the external surface of a pipe. The profile obtained plays a
multiple action:

Serves as a connection piece, allowing the coupling between more bars, by means of sleeves.

Allows the installation of the more suitable drilling bit for each ground conditions.
Sinorock Self drilling hollow anchor bars has long been the prferred supplier for the most advanced
applications. Our unique approach to supply perectly matched connectors and related
accessories has made Sinorock Self drilling hollow bars the preferred partner in the world
of advanced engineering.
It is used for the direct attack on the drilling machine.

Allows to cut the bar to the desired length, always keeping a threaded end.

The wavy shape increases the adhesion between the steel and the concrete or the resin